Natural Viscosity and Filtration Solution to Brewing & Beverage Alcohol Industries

SEBflo TL Improves Alcohol Production by Rapidly Reducing Viscosity and Filtration Times increasing brewery capacity and profitability.


Cereal grain starches like barley, wheat or rye are the primary components in the brewing and beverage alcohol industry and are notorious for creating viscous mashes.  The increase in the mash viscosity can be detrimental to any size brewery.  With the mash viscosity increased it impairs pumping and filtration causing lower efficiency and reduced yield of the extracts used.  Specialty Enzymes and Biochemicals Co. has a solution to this inconvenience, SEB®flo TL. 


SEBflo TL is an orgainically certifiable, food grade, Kosher certified liquid enzyme blend.  SEBflo TL is and endo-glucanase enzyme which catalyzes the breakdown of beta-glucans from barley, wheat, rye and other cereal grains.  Cereal grains contain high numbers of beta-glucans which cause the mash to become highly gummy and viscous.  SEBflo TL is used to supplement endogenous cereal Glucanase enzyme activity when mashing in cereal grains.  Treating the mash with a beta-glucanase can greatly decrease both the viscosity and filtration time of any brewery.  By increasing filtration rates the brewery increases its overall yield of fermentable wort providing the brewery with more profitability and capacity.   Treating with SEBflo TL creates a mash that easily passes through the filters without clustering and stalling the filtration flow. 


SEBflo TL is a great addition to any brewing process endogenous Glucanase enzymes are not sufficient enough to break down these beta-glucans without help from an exogenous source.  Using and enzyme is a natural alternative for cutting down on viscosity.  Utilizing more than 50 years manufacturing experience, Specialty Enzymes provides quality and innovation in enzyme products for Brewing industry, Beverage Alcohol Companies, dietary supplement companies, health care professionals and consumers alike.


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