The Enzyme Manufacturer Hired a Director of Technical Sales

Due to the surge of increasing interest in enzymes for various industries Specialty Enzymes needed to find an experienced technical sales executive to fulfill the enzyme needs of the world.  At Specialty Enzymes and Biotechnologies Company we pride ourselves with our customer services and more importantly our technical expertise in the numerous enzyme divisions they supply to.  Keeping with this tradition of educated and friendly personnel, Specialty Enzymes is proud to introduce Jim Titus to the Specialty Enzymes Technical Sales Team as The Director of Technical Sales. 

 Jim Titus brings 21 years of Global Business Development experience to Specialty Enzyme’s already fast growing and well established organization.  Mr. Titus is a Former VP of International Sales at National Enzyme Company and Director of International and East Coast Sales for Deerland Enzymes Inc.  Mr. Titus earned his degrees in Modern Foreign Languages at Graceland University and his MBA from Park University.  Mr. Titus also can do business in 5 different languages producing the ability to form more personal international business relationships.  Mr. Titus adds the needed experience for Specialty Enzymes to excel in the expanding international enzyme markets.


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