Unique Malting Aid to Reduce Germination Time

As an enzyme manufacturer, Specialty Enzymes offers unique solutions to several industries.  We are introducing a new, novel product to the malting industry- SEBMalt STP.

SEBMalt STP, the hot rod of malting enzyme aids, is applied during barley steeping or germination stages to speed up the malting process.  This blend is designed to reduce germination time, thus allowing the maltster flexibility in production planning. SEBMalt STP improves on various other malt qualities with no adverse effects and minimal cost.

As fermentation specialists ourselves, we at Specialty Enzymes have a keen interest in furthering our contribution to the brewing community over the years. To that end, we have developed revolutionary blends to speed the malting process, as well as blends to assist in making world class beers. As the industry changes, we continue to evolve along with it, meeting the new needs and demands. Our staff is always ready to assist with first-hand knowledge and technical expertise. We look forward to working with you and tailoring our enzymes to meet your needs.

As a part of Advanced Enzymes USA, Specialty Enzymes continues to move forward with modern technological advances and applications, providing unique enzyme solutions for industries worldwide.

If you have any questions or would like more information, please contact us at (909)613-1660 or brewing@specialtyenzymes.com.


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